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>I am thinking of building a search engine with the grep command for our
>i have my information in a mysql db,
>but i am putting it back into text files.
>reoson being is that maybe the mysql db goes down under hevy load,
>and then our site would look like a tree with out branches.
>So i put all the info in the text files.
>now for the search engine i have a form that posts of the pattern.
>on the page receiving this pattern as say $searchpattern
>i do the command
>grep --binary-files=without-match -lri "$searchpattern" $path
>is this too resource intensive ?
>How does this idea sound ?
Well you probably don't need too independent an engine. Only for *nix like
systems (require external - to php - program). I think it'll take more
resources for handling their connections, then avarage PHP only based
search. But you are not planing having static indexes instead, do you?
Will it be quick then?

My PHP search, for example takes ~2M RAM for everything and it does not
dependent on index files sizes (that it needs, but single index file size
could soon be able to be limited, with their combined size still -
intact). The script is not declared an open source (yet at least:).
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