What you might want to try is something called
ksearch.cgi, you'll find it at cgi-resources.com  It's
actually very good and very very small.  It actually
indexes your site and stores the info in several db
databases or a text file, your choice and offers, if
I'm not mistaken, boolean search, oh and the last time
I checked it was free.  If you dont want to use perl
to run the search you should be able to access the
data from php assuming the proper support is compile


> > At 02:26 PM 7/12/01 +0200, void wrote:
> > >I am thinking of building a search engine with
> the grep command for our
> > >site.
> > >i have my information in a mysql db,
> > >but i am putting it back into text files.
> > >reoson being is that maybe the mysql db goes down
> under hevy load,
> > >and then our site would look like a tree with out

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