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> Hey all -
> I'm using simplexml-load-string just to validation a string of XML, and
> libxml-get-errors to return any errors. It's always worked before, but today
> it's choking on this line in the XML:
> <client_orderitem_number>Basketball Personalized Notebook -
> Jeff&apos;s</client_orderitem_number>
> It's returning "Premature end of data in tag client_orderitem_number line
> 90" but as far as I can tell, Jeff&apos;s is properly XML encoded. I can't
> debug this. Any suggestions?
> I have run the XML through a couple of online validators and it does come
> back as valid with no errors found. <http://www.php.net/unsub.php>
I had this problem....  It turned out to be some special characters in the
tags or data that I had to strip out first, then load it thru the simplexml
parser.  I will have to check my code when I get back to the office in the
AM and I'll let you know what it was if you haven't figured it out by then.
But that might get you started in fixing it.

-Dan Joseph

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