This time simplexml-load-string also gave me the same error on the following 

<first_name>Charlie &amp; Brady</first_name>

Can anyone confirm whether simplexml-load-string will or will not accept or 
allow XML-encoded characters? It seems that it should and would be pretty 
surprising if it wouldn't.

On May 6, 2010, at 5:02 PM, Brian Dunning wrote:

> Hey all -
> I'm using simplexml-load-string just to validation a string of XML, and 
> libxml-get-errors to return any errors. It's always worked before, but today 
> it's choking on this line in the XML:
> <client_orderitem_number>Basketball Personalized Notebook - 
> Jeff&apos;s</client_orderitem_number>
> It's returning "Premature end of data in tag client_orderitem_number line 90" 
> but as far as I can tell, Jeff&apos;s is properly XML encoded. I can't debug 
> this. Any suggestions?
> I have run the XML through a couple of online validators and it does come 
> back as valid with no errors found.
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