I think that "&" should be & because you cant use "&" in xml as
independent alphbet

On 5/7/10, Dan Joseph <dmjos...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 8:02 PM, Brian Dunning <br...@briandunning.com>wrote:
>> Hey all -
>> I'm using simplexml-load-string just to validation a string of XML, and
>> libxml-get-errors to return any errors. It's always worked before, but
>> today
>> it's choking on this line in the XML:
>> <client_orderitem_number>Basketball Personalized Notebook -
>> Jeff&apos;s</client_orderitem_number>
>> It's returning "Premature end of data in tag client_orderitem_number line
>> 90" but as far as I can tell, Jeff&apos;s is properly XML encoded. I can't
>> debug this. Any suggestions?
>> I have run the XML through a couple of online validators and it does come
>> back as valid with no errors found. <http://www.php.net/unsub.php>
> I had this problem....  It turned out to be some special characters in the
> tags or data that I had to strip out first, then load it thru the simplexml
> parser.  I will have to check my code when I get back to the office in the
> AM and I'll let you know what it was if you haven't figured it out by then.
> But that might get you started in fixing it.
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