At 1:34 AM -0600 5/11/10, Nathan Nobbe wrote:
if theres one thing i tend to stay away from, or start deleting the second i
inherit a new codebase, its smarty.

ive never seen anything more bloated & ridiculous.  hey, lets all learn
*another* set of conventions & syntax on top of what we've already learned,
drop *another* url in our bookmarks and slow down the entire universe in the

imo smarty and most any 'template engine' on top of php can be summarized in
one line of code:

include($someScript); // :P

i did gander at robs template system in interjinn once, but never got my
head wrapped round it; honestly i only gave it a day or so.  i prefer to go
the typical route as per above, and omit the bloat that systems like smarty,
savant etc bring to the table.

nothing personal david, just an anti-smarty rant :)




While I was reading this thread, I was beginning to think I was pretty dumb for not using Smarty.

I have reviewed Smarty several times and simply thought "Damn, this is a lot of stuff to figure out!" But then I slipped back into my comfortable world of controlling everything myself.

I have a professional goal to keep web languages separated as much as possible in my coding. For example, I try to never embed code. That's a far larger task than most people realize. As such, placing a template engine between me and the final product seems like I'm releasing control over a portion of my work that deals with the "separation of languages" goal I'm trying to achieve.




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