Peter Lind wrote:
On 12 May 2010 07:10, Kevin Kinsey <> wrote:
Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On Tue, 2010-05-11 at 08:48 +0530, chetan rane wrote:

Hi all,

mod rewrite was actually inrduced to have search engne frendly urls.
hnce if you want a seo site then you have to use options 1 & 2. using
smarty or any templating engine for readibility is not total  true.
one of the major advantages of using template engines is caching

I've read some {disparaging?) comments on "option 2", but I've
got a question, or point, about that.  I'm not at all sure that
you have to use "mod_rewrite" at all, can't you just use a
FORCETYPE directive on your handler script(s)?

I've certainly got some work in the form:

that seems to work well with no use of the rewrite module.

And why wouldn't you want to use mod_rewrite? It's an extremely
powerful tool that does the job really well.

Well, again, I'm not purporting to be an authority, but the
first thing that comes to mind is that my reasoning would be
much the same as my reasoning in building stuff:  I've got a nice
STIHL chainsaw, but I don't need it to cut two-by-fours, and
I've got access to a Hole Hawg but don't need it to make a
path for a CAT5 cable.  I guess you could call the concept
"avoiding overkill", but I'm not cognizant enough with the
inner workings of Apache to know really how much of a "hit"
the rewrite module makes.  I suppose, in terms of computing, it's
kind of similar to a Unix philosophy:  small tools that
do one job without extra fluff.


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