On 12 May 2010 07:10, Kevin Kinsey <k...@daleco.biz> wrote:
> Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>> On Tue, 2010-05-11 at 08:48 +0530, chetan rane wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> mod rewrite was actually inrduced to have search engne frendly urls.
>>> hnce if you want a seo site then you have to use options 1 & 2. using
>>> smarty or any templating engine for readibility is not total  true.
>>> one of the major advantages of using template engines is caching
> I've read some {disparaging?) comments on "option 2", but I've
> got a question, or point, about that.  I'm not at all sure that
> you have to use "mod_rewrite" at all, can't you just use a
> FORCETYPE directive on your handler script(s)?
> I've certainly got some work in the form:
> somesite.com/scriptname/var1/var2/var3
> that seems to work well with no use of the rewrite module.

And why wouldn't you want to use mod_rewrite? It's an extremely
powerful tool that does the job really well.


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