Karl DeSaulniers wrote:

Duley noted, but the combo of tracking ips and cookies on computers should still work. If you are checking the ip against ALL users, if two users in the active database have the same ip, then whichever has the older timestamp stays and the new one gets booted. And if your periodically checking and reassigning cookies with the ip stored, it should work.

You cannot use the IP, it is not unique to a single computer. Many companies, universities, and government departments have a small pool of public gateway IPs through which all users travel.

Maybe if you have a situation with multiple computers having the same ip, store the ips in a blob and then check their system info against eachother.

And the same computer using multiple browsers? Also, in government there's usually a standard configuration shared by thousands of users.

If its the same system info, boot them. Something like using the browser's user agent identifier $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] with the aformentioned checks and balances.

Again not possible, see above.

I could stand corrected, and have not had to implement such parameters, but for what they are doing, it should work.

They will not. Also, all of the above information is spoofable.

Now if you created the interface in Flash, you could control this very easily. But that is another discussion for another forum.

Yeah, but flash is proprietary and I for one hate hitting flash websites. I surf with flashblock and I'm amazed how many sites don't have an alternative homepage for non flash users.

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