On Friday 14 May 2010 12:48 PM, Jagdeep Singh wrote:
> Hi All!
> I am looking for a solution, I want a user to do a single Login only on a PC
> .
> E.g. If a User has logged on my website website.com in Internet explorer,
> then he cant login on same website in another browser like Firefox etc with
> same loginid or another.
> Can I trace MAC address of a single machine to solve this issue?
> Or is there a concept of GLOBAL COOKIE / Cross Browser Cookie which will
> work for all browsers in a single machine..
> I hope You will help me out
> Regards
> Jagdeep Singh
> +91 9988009272
hi Jagdeep,
                 I am not really sure , i got your question right but
there is something you can try if this helps, in the mysql dbase add
field like "loggedIn" , which can be true/false, when person logs in
change it to true , so even if the person is using other browser, you
can check the value from dbase, if user is already logged in or not. If
that makes sense to you , good luck.

Gautam Bhatia

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