quick confirm: flash won't help you here (nor java, ajax, virtualisation, client side programs, ip filtering, browser detection) - it's not possible I'm afraid; best you can do is limit with personally identifiable information and trust that users won't be sharing an account which has sensitive data in it.

I seem to have missed it; but why exactly don't you want a client 'logged in' multiple times (at the same time)? perhaps if you give us the root of the problem instead of how to do the solution you've chosen, we can be of more help :)



Robert Cummings wrote:
See comment on virtual machine :) But even without a virtual machine, is this SharedObject saved in a browser determined location, or does the flash app get a say on where it wants to go. Is it shared between flash apps in same browser, or shared across all browsers on same machine.

Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
Also, on the flash subject, I believe you can utilize the SharedObject class to achieve what they are wanting. I was told that you MUST remember to delete the SharedObject if the browser window is closed or crashes.
Not sure on how this is done.

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