Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
Hi Nathan,
The problem is not mine to speak of necessarily. I was trying to help find a solution for another. But from what I understand, they have a online lesson that they dont want people to be able to log in as another user and get the answers to.

Here is the their post.

On May 14, 2010, at 2:18 AM, Jagdeep Singh wrote:

Hi All!

I am looking for a solution, I want a user to do a single Login only on a PC

E.g. If a User has logged on my website website.com in Internet explorer,
then he cant login on same website in another browser like Firefox etc with
same loginid or another.

Can I trace MAC address of a single machine to solve this issue?

Or is there a concept of GLOBAL COOKIE / Cross Browser Cookie which will
work for all browsers in a single machine..

I hope You will help me out

cool; only effective way i can see is to produce a unique (one time) hash in response to every request, and submit that with the answer; that way it's unique to every interaction. And only allow the test to be taken by a specific login once (ie if they've started it, they can't start again)

But doesn't effectively stop anything because they could have 2 user accounts, and all the previous matters.

you can make it more difficult, can't prevent it.

as far as I know anyway!



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