At 9:17 PM -0400 5/25/10, Alice Wei wrote:
No, the fields are populated in the first and second
form, form1 and form2. What I want to do is to get the selections from
both forms and pass them on to the third. Does this make sense? For some
 reason, the text input and the semester drop down menu result can be
passed to process.php, but the results that I try to select from the
first and second does not. So, the form is not passing the results of
what I had from the radio button selections.

To illustrate, the
second looks something like this:


No offense, but "Looking" like something isn't going to cut it.

I advise you to:

1. Show us the code. -- give us a url where your code is located.

2. Tell us what you *want* to do -- and don't show us with "it looks something like this" nonsense.

3. Get the simple stuff to work first before jumping into the harder stuff.

If you are willing to do the above, then I'll help you with your problem.

Please understand that forms are very simple with very simple rules to follow. Enhancing forms with javascript routines can become complicated very quickly. But if you can describe it, it can be done.




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