On 7 June 2010 14:54, Igor Escobar <titiolin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> The portal for which I work is suffering constant attacks that I feel that
> is PHP Injection. Somehow the hacker is getting to change the cache files
> that our system generates. Concatenating the HTML file with another that
> have an iframe to a malicious JAR file. Do you have any suggestions to
> prevent this action? The hacker has no access to our file system, he is
> imputing the code through some security hole. The problem is that the portal
> is very big and has lots and lots partners hosted on our estructure
> structure. We are failing to identify the focus of this attacks.
> Any ideas?

Check all user input + upload: make sure that whatever comes from the
user is validated. Then check all output: make sure that everythin
output is escaped properly. Yes, it's an enormous task, but there's no
way around it.


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