On 7 June 2010 22:25, Brian Dunning <br...@briandunning.com> wrote:
> Hey - It looks like a PHP form on my server is insecure and is being used to 
> send spam. This is Rackspace's best guess. The problem is there are SO MANY 
> forms on all the web sites on this server that it would be a nightmare task 
> to try and look at them all to be sure they're properly secured.
> Is anyone aware of a way to shortcut this process, maybe find out what 
> script(s) are being attacked to send the spam?
> :-(

Check your server access logs - if it's sending lots of spam it's
getting hit more than other forms (and you should possibly see other
equally interesting signs, such as referrer). Also ... if you're
letting users specify an email address to send to as well as content
and you don't make sure to authenticate users, you're really asking to
get abused.


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