Brian Dunning wrote:
Agreed that's a great overall strategy but what I need now is a way to track 
down the offending script, within the next few days if possible.

On Jun 7, 2010, at 1:35 PM, Jim Lucas wrote:

Change all the forms to use a single
processing script and then you won't have such a big problem tracking down the
"information processing error/insecurity" that you are having.

Create a user space function called mail_filtered() that accepts all the parameters that the usual mail function does. Then change all occurrences of the mail() function call to mail_filtered() and for each email sent, create a log of it and a shallow copy of debug_backtrace() so you can see where it originated. I always use some kind of mail lib that allows me to debug emails by adding extra information and redirecting the address during dev.

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