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...as those tags only work when short_tags are turned on, which
itself causes problems with outputting XML from PHP.

Can you elaborate on this Ashley?

I use short tags and I output XML all the time. In fact I'm knee deep in
building an API right now for Panasonic Avionics that is all XML based. We
have hundreds of airplanes hitting the API, sending XML and getting XML
back -- all via LAMP. I'm also simultaneously doing some cURL JSON-RPC
bi-directional communication.

This is the second XML API I've written for enterprise level service. I
have no problems at all.

I call poppycock. This sounds like FUD to me. ;-)

It's called a standard:


A processing instruction without a target is incorrect. What should process the data if there is no target? The assumption of PHP when no target is declared is not part of the standard. Just because you've done two anecdotal enterprise projects and haven't had a problem, doesn't make it right.

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