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> > ...as those tags only work when short_tags are turned on, which
> > itself causes problems with outputting XML from PHP. 
> Can you elaborate on this Ashley?
> I use short tags and I output XML all the time. In fact I'm knee deep in
> building an API right now for Panasonic Avionics that is all XML based. We
> have hundreds of airplanes hitting the API, sending XML and getting XML
> back -- all via LAMP. I'm also simultaneously doing some cURL JSON-RPC
> bi-directional communication.
> This is the second XML API I've written for enterprise level service. I
> have no problems at all.
> I call poppycock. This sounds like FUD to me. ;-)
> D.

For <?= to work, the short_tags setting needs to be turned on I believe,
which can cause issues when outputting the XML declaration line unless
it's broken into two parts, which is messier than '<?php echo' IMHO.


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