Thanks Ashley and Jim,

> When you say 'sessions did not work' what do you mean? Sessions aren't being
> created? You can't access session variables? You need to be a bit more 
> specific
> about the issue.

Sorry, here is an explanation:

The project I uploaded for a customer is a "stock ordering" web-app that they 
on their local intranet for a year or so, but now they want this same web-app to
be available globally.

I thought that it would work "out-the-box" on the internet but it doesn't. On
their local-lan I am able to do some (advanced) login checks with sessions with 
problem, like I said, it has been workng for a year or so now. Also, the same
login sequence I use here I also use in my other intranet web-apps.

However, when I uploaded this project and I log on, I just get a blank screen
after the login checks are done and it is supposed to take me to the logged-in
start page.

That is why I say that somehow my sessions are not "carried over" or "caught" 
by php.

Thanks for the comments on my session initialization, if there is not really
anything that should be changed, then I will leave it like it is.

Just one more thing, should I always expand the URL's to an absolute path
instead of using a session variable like I do?

Thnks again guys


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