Hi Jim,

I followed Gaurav's tips on creating a "folder" to store the session info in and
it got solved. I can now catch the session variables but I got A LOT of 
file errors which was solved by following your suggestion on expanding my URL's.

Thank You


>On Jun 24 10, Jim Lucas :
> Nothing looks to be wrong with the session initiation code.  The problem is 
> more
> the likely the calls to include a remote file.  Basically, to expand your
> variables out, you would be doing this:
> include ( 'http://localhost/~user/new_project/sql/sql_dflts.inc' ) ;
> include ( 'http://localhost/~user/new_project/fnc/fnc_include_dir.inc' ) ;
> If your php.ini settings are stock, then the problem is with the
> allow_url_include directive.  It is set to "0" by default.
> See here: http://us3.php.net/manual/en/filesystem.configuration.php
> Change that setting to '1' and restart your web server, then you should be 
> good
> to go.

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