Danny wrote:
> Thanks Ashley and Jim,
>> When you say 'sessions did not work' what do you mean? Sessions aren't being
>> created? You can't access session variables? You need to be a bit more 
>> specific
>> about the issue.
> Sorry, here is an explanation:
> The project I uploaded for a customer is a "stock ordering" web-app that they 
> used
> on their local intranet for a year or so, but now they want this same web-app 
> to
> be available globally.
> I thought that it would work "out-the-box" on the internet but it doesn't. On
> their local-lan I am able to do some (advanced) login checks with sessions 
> with no
> problem, like I said, it has been workng for a year or so now. Also, the same
> login sequence I use here I also use in my other intranet web-apps.
> However, when I uploaded this project and I log on, I just get a blank screen
> after the login checks are done and it is supposed to take me to the logged-in
> start page.

Regarding the blank page, in your php.ini file turn on display_errors and

error_reporting = E_ALL
display_errors = On

This will make sure that PHP tells you all the errors that are possibly being

> That is why I say that somehow my sessions are not "carried over" or "caught" 
> by php.
> Thanks for the comments on my session initialization, if there is not really
> anything that should be changed, then I will leave it like it is.
> Just one more thing, should I always expand the URL's to an absolute path
> instead of using a session variable like I do?
> Thnks again guys
> Danny

Jim Lucas

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