At 2:01 PM +0100 7/2/10, Ashley Sheridan wrote:

I agree with Ash 100%.

There is an "id" and a "name" attribute for input (et al) tags -- that's html.

I can use the attribute "name" for php and the attribute "id" for javascript and css because these are different languages with different scopes running in different environments -- that's the way it is.

Each attribute can be accessed by a variety of languages with no requirement on any specific language to know what the other languages may, or may not, be doing -- that's logical.

I can also use the same value for any attribute because there is no restriction on that either -- as well as it should be.

So, what's the major beef here? Is someone objecting to having both "id" and "name" being legal attributes for a tag? If so, this is really not the place to submit a compliant. However, it is the place to see the error of that thinking.

Giving the slightest bit of thought to dismissing the "name" attribute from tags should result in the realization that the act would break countless forms already in use. So the "beef" here is not well thought out, nor is it likely to happen.

Arguments against using/dismissing the "name" attribute in tags is simply nonsense.




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