At 10:53 AM -0400 7/2/10, Bob McConnell wrote:
This discussion began when I pointed out that the name attribute is
deprecated in XHTML. This was later confirmed when someone pointed to
the actual specification at <>, however
there may be some confusion about the scope of the change. The
applicable section is shown below. Apparently HTML 5 is planning to take
a different path. Of course, nobody knows that for sure since the spec
is far from complete and will likely be undergoing major changes for
several more years.

Bob McConnell

What XHTML does is limited to XHTML.

Simply put, HTML is the glue that holds the web-works together. The attributes that HTML uses/approves is what concerns other languages. I am sure that the "powers that be" will consider the affects of changing established and well entrenched attributes (remember that "name" was used as an attribute before "id"). As such, I seriously doubt that "name" will fall by the wayside any time soon.




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