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One of the tasks I had to develop was the sending of authorised work
in a "by job" report.

We receive the work as a fax/email. We log the job in our system.

The client comes to our site and confirms the on-cost billing to the job.

We produce the invoices for their clients.

We produce HTML emails which render just fine in Outlook 2003+,
Outlook Express (we are told they are fine - I've never actually
bothered), GMail (I use it) and Yahoo's email (again we are told it is

Sure, the plain text part for most normal emails is what is read by
most developers, but this client isn't a developer. So comments like
"eye-candy" is exactly what it is all about.

They use their email tool to read communications. If the
communications are easier to understand, laid out nicely, look like
the secured webpage, then the customer is a happy one.

In producing the HTML, I had to back date my thinking a decade or so.
So, I use <table> and some VERY limited inline styling. Not because I
want to. But because the application with the largest market share for
reading email in my customer base requires me to do so.



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