On 7/4/2010 11:43 AM, Al wrote:
I know this is a bit off-topic; but close enough.

I'm starting to update the email feature of one of my DB applications
and noticed that it appears most of the fancy emails I receive are using
just plain old, simple html pages, with a note about not being able to
see, go here with a link.

It use to be that we specified content-type text/html, etc. and sent
both the plain ASCII and the html with boundaries and so forth.

Seems like, from my preliminary Google searching, I should not waste
time with the standard's way and just go straight to sending simple html
pages since all modern browsers handle it well. And, it appears to be
the way web is going.

What are you folks doing?


Thanks everyone. That's a big help.

I'm going to set the application up so simple html code can be sent; but not a complete page with body, etc.

There are two main deficiencies I want to address, links [like rendered in an html page] and attachments. I have a little trouble with some folks who can't seem to deal with "Go here... www.foo.com/bar/xyz.php". They are so accustomed to having html rendered links and attached docs and images.


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