I have some problems with storing files in db and retriving them, so
probably I'm doing something wrong :-)
Here is the case:
I have on one of the pages request to generate some PDF files and
store them in database. So, I use FPDF to create files, and that's
working perfect. Then my system is collecting generated file(s) and
storing them in DB. On the other side (page)  I have to show stored
files from database.

So, when file (in this case PDF) is created and stored in some dir
(ex. tmp/file.pdf), by using function: fopen(filename, 'r'); $file =
fread(....); I put file(s) in array $tmpArray = array('file' =>
base64_encode($file).... ) and send it to model (db). There I have
table for files, (column type for file is BLOB). So, first I do the
$fileThatWillBeStored = base64_decode($file); and than store it. After
that I'm able to see that in DB there is one row with file, so that
part is also ok.
On the other side when I have to show that file, I just fetch it from
DB and again pack it in array, but first do the
base64_encode($fileFromDB) and send it to controller, where after
doing $file = base64_decode($fileFromDB); I just show it like this:
header("Content-length: ".$file['file_size']);
header("Content-type: ".$file['file_type']);
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename= ".$file['file_name']);
echo $file['file'];

And final result is something like:

3 0 obj
<</Type /Page
/Parent 1 0 R
/Resources 2 0 R
/Contents 4 0 R>>
4 0 obj
<</Filter /FlateDecode /Length 1214>>
x��W�v�F �� �L ��[�� N ��`'
�,{�� $�H�g� �/x�R?$� �Y� ��n=�U0t9"X ��h �O�)�  ��5���  � � �Q:��2B!U��( I)0


So, I hope you get the picture :-) Of course, I've skiped lot of
steps, because the code is huge.

Any suggestions? additional questions?

I can't read on the other side file from directory, so it has to be in
the way I just described ( Generate PDF with FPDF => pack in array,
but first base64_encode => send it to model => get from array and
unpack it with base64_decode on DB side => store in DB, and then
reverse: get from DB => pack in array, but first base64_encode => send
it to controller => get it from array and unpack with base 64_decode
=> show in view with headers)


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