On 27/07/10 14:16, Peter Lind wrote:
2010/7/27 Nilesh Govindarajan<li...@itech7.com>:
2010/7/27 Dušan Novaković<ndu...@gmail.com>:

so when I'm sending the array to model it's like this:

$fp = fopen(INVOICE_PATH.date('Y-m-d').DS.$pdfName, "r");
$pdfContent             = array(
                                        'file'  =>        
                                        'name'  =>        $pdfName,
                                        'size'  =>        
                                        'type'  =>        

so the data in db are ok, and this type is application/pdf.

And when I'm getting data, I get the array like this:

$file = Array
    [id] =>  2
    [file] =>VBERi0xLjM...<= here file is base64_encode()
    [file_size] =>  2204
    [file_type] =>  application/pdf
    [file_name] =>  2_file.pdf


header("Content-length: ".$file['file_size']);
header("Content-type: ".$file['file_type']);
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename= ".$file['file_name']);
echo base64_decode($file['file']);

So, mime looks ok, but still... not working :-(

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Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Are you sure that you need Content-Disposition? Try removing that. I
think that's used only in emails (Correct me if I'm wrong).

You're wrong. Content-Disposition tells the browser how to handle the
content - in this case, the browser will download the file instead of
displaying it.


I think you need to be careful about quoting the file name in the Content-Disposition header: something like

header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.$filename.'.xml"');

seems to be the right quoting - the filename needs to be in double-quotes

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