What if you were to open an SSL tunnel to the DB host, then connect through 

> like you said... as long as the database provider accepts
> connections from outside, you can administer it from anywhere.
> if the provider doesn't accept incoming connections, no amount
> of tools and software will work for you.
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> > From: Alexander Skwar [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of
> > Subject: RE: [PHP] Alternative to phpMyAdmin
> >
> > > if you install mysql on a windoze machine then you can administer ANY >
> >
> > mysql database going through the socket.
> >
> > Okay, for a development this may be fine, but I still fail to see how a
> > tool that runs on your own computer (no matter if it's a Windows tool, or
> > a Linux tool) can help you administer databases which are not on the same
> > computer (unless the mysql database on the providers server can be
> > contacted from any machine and not just from "localhost").
> >

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