On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 12:28:37 -0400, "Matthew Loff" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> Does mysql-front encrypt the password before it travels the net?

>It does support the compressed client/server protocol, which would make
>it harder to intercept-- but encryption is not an option yet on the
>I don't suppose there's any way on Win32 to use an SSH tunnel, is there?

I use SSH port forwarding to protect FTP passwords into my server.
Getting FTP to work with SSH port forwarding was more tricky than POP
or SMTP, but it can be done.  Also, the FTP server itself can be an
obstacle to making it work, depending on how it's configured.

Funny that, after figuring it out the first time, now it doesn't seem
so tricky after all.

It might work with MySQL, but I have not tried it.


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