> this should be set up by your isp though so as part of a mysql package

> you'd get this type of access to your db's

Well, my point was, that it's normally not setup as most users don't have
static ip's and allowing connects from any ip (even allowing net connects at
all) is/can/might be a security hole. That's why most (? well, all that I
know at least) ISPs (? web hosters fits better - what does the ISP have to
do with this?) do not allow net connects.


are we talking about the same thing ?

one of the guys i work for has an account with a service provider that gives
mysql databases as part of his package. he has an account and password that
is supplied when using mysql-front to connect to his database.

i do not have a static ip, i connect through his username and password and
am then routed to his database. the ip i come from is not relevant.

where is the problem ?


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