'Twas brillig, and Andrew Ballard at 20/08/10 14:24 did gyre and gimble:
> Would it work to return a list of some limited number of randomly
> ordered "featured" listings/items on the page, while leaving the full
> list ordered by whatever natural ordering (by date, order entered,
> alphabetical, etc.)? That gives every owner a chance to appear in a
> prominent spot on the page while solving the issue you cited about
> page breaks (and SEO if that is a concern). You can still use any of
> the suggestions that have been discussed to determine how frequently
> the featured items list is reseeded to help make caching practical.

Yeah we've tried to push this as an option too, but so far our clients
are not biting on this suggestion. They like the idea.... but in
addition to randomised listings too!

Speaking of SEO, that was one of our concerns about randomising listings
too. What impact do you think such randomised listings will have on SEO?

Obviously if a term is matched for a listing page that contains a thing
and when the user visits that page, the thing itself is not on in the
listing, then the user will be disappointed, but will this actually
result in SEO penalties?



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