'Twas brillig, and Ashley Sheridan at 20/08/10 15:29 did gyre and gimble:
> If you use a sitemap specific to a search engine (Google sitemap for
> example) then you can specify how often a page changes, or tell it not
> to index at all. This could help a little in preventing getting
> penalised by a search engine for the indexed content never matching what
> a user actually does see. 

Yeah we do that already (partly to reduce being hammered by bots, but
also because there is no point in indexing too oftent!)

> It brings to mind what a lot of companies do to ensure they are popular
> in the phonebook. Ever noticed how there are an unusually high number of
> companies towards the extreme ends of the alphabet. It was a deliberate
> ploy to get as near to the first or last listing in a phonebook, which
> was always done alphabetically (with the exception of paid-for listings
> which were usually as larger adverts alongside the regular listings) So
> you end up with AAA Cars, AA Electricians, ZZ Plumbers, ZYX Mechanics,
> etc.

Yeah this was a problem for us a few years ago and we had to actually
disable users from editing their own "thing" names for some clients.
This allowed our clients to keep a solid control over it and make sure
that the name were relevant and accurate!



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