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 4. Host? Roll the dice like the rest of us.

Before you can select a hosting provider, define what you want. Are you
looking for a cage with power and network connections, a VM that you can
load up and manage, or a fully managed server environment? UPS or
generator? What about backup and failover? Do you need redundant network
connections? There is a wide range of options here that are not easy to
evaluate. We have used a variety of different hosts through the years as
our needs and requirements changed. Our current one is fully managed,
guarantees PCI compliance and is very expensive. But it is still less
than the FTE we would have to hire to do it all ourselves. We have more
than 100 client sites on that cluster of servers.

Depending on your size, it may be worth considering hiring a consultant
to walk you through this process the first time. It could save you a lot
of mistakes, time and money.

Bob McConnell

Which I am sure is good advice.




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