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On Aug 29, 2010, at 10:55 AM, tedd wrote:

To all:

My post about SERVER globals was simply an observation that the SERVER global report of host and remote was not symmetric -- for example you could obtain both the IP and Domain Name of the host, but only the IP of the remote. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused in my post.

Hey tedd,

My understanding of how shared hosting works would make this near impossible... Basically Apache grabs a header that is sent at the initial connection which includes the destination hostname and from there it translates it to the proper directory on the shared host.

All the IP's though are based off of the parent site's server...

Now with dedicated hosting where you have the entire machine you can do what you are looking at because the IP address will always translate back to your website.

Now hopefully my understanding of shared hosting isn't flawed but if it is I'm sure someone will nicely point out why :)

Your understanding is the same as my understanding.




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