On 29 August 2010 18:04, Per Jessen <p...@computer.org> wrote:
> Jason Pruim wrote:
>> My understanding of how shared hosting works would make this near
>> impossible... Basically Apache grabs a header that is sent at the
>> initial connection which includes the destination hostname and from
>> there it translates it to the proper directory on the shared host.
>> All the IP's though are based off of the parent site's server...
>> Now with dedicated hosting where you have the entire machine you can
>> do what you are looking at because the IP address will always
>> translate back to your website.

The HTTP protocol does not provide a domain among the request header
fields - you need to implement idenfication/authentication in a
different manner (preferably in a way that does not rely upon IP
addresses, seeing as that doesn't provide any reliable sort of


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