On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 13:06 +0530, Sridhar Pandurangiah wrote:

> Hi
> I have the following statement that locates the node "membernumber" with 
> the value A192. This works perfectly fine.
> $v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = "A192"]');
> But now I need to pass this value to XPath within a string variable say
> $v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = $MemberId]');
> But this doesnt work due to the quotes. What I intend PHP to do is to 
> substitute the value for $MemberId and then execute the XPath query. I 
> have grappled with it for a few days before posting this. Any ideas are 
> most welcome
> Best regards
> Sridhar

Use double quotes instead, which should allow PHP to expand the


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