If you needed the double-quotes in the Xpath expression when the constant is used , then you probably need them in the variable version.

$v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = "'.$MemberId.'"]');

That should put the double-quotes in for you...

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Whats wrong with
$v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = ' . $MemberId . ']');

Am I not understanding what you are trying to ask?


I tried this but doesn't work. I guess the above statement is
concatenating the entire string and the substitution isn't happening

What I am trying to do is as follows
$MemberId = 'A192';
$v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = ' . $MemberId . ']');

The $MemberId should be substituted with A192 and then the xpath query
should be executed. The result should be that I locate the membernumber
XML element that has the value A912.

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Sridhar Pandurangiah wrote:
now I need to pass this value to XPath within a string variable say

$v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = $MemberId]');

But this doesnt work due to the quotes. What I intend PHP to do is to
substitute the value for $MemberId and then execute the XPath query. I
have grappled with it for a few days before posting this.

Whats wrong with $v = $row->xpath('//membernumber[. = ' . $MemberId .

Am I not understanding what you are trying to ask?

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