Absolutely - 


This is from the first page



$_SESSION['UserLastName'] = strtolower(trim($_POST['txtLastName']));

$_SESSION['BadgeID'] = trim($_POST['txtBadgeID']);


//access MS SQL Server database

$q1 = "select * from emps where emp_last =
'".$_SESSION['UserLastName']."' and emp_badge =

$rs_emp_info = hitMSSQL($q1,"xxxx_sql","database","table","password",1);

$_SESSION['SSN'] = $rs_emp_info->fields("emp_ssn");

$_SESSION['CostCenter'] = $rs_emp_info->fields("emp_costcenter");


//access mySQL database

$cnx = mysql_connect("localhost","userID","password");

$db = mysql_select_db("database_name");

$q1 = "select * from tblmainempreport where empUUID =

$result = mysql_query($q1);

$recArray = mysql_fetch_array($result);

$_SESSION['empFName'] = $recArray['EmpFName'];



When I echo all five $_SESSION vars from here, they are all populated.
Then I can either redirect or form post to the next page.  In either
case, the $_SESSION vars populated from SQL Server ( the SSN and Cost
Center vars) are blank when I echo them on the destination page.  



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On Thu, 2010-09-16 at 10:11 -0400, Cheryl Sullivan wrote: 

Hi there - I'm new to this news group.  Any help with this is
appreciated - 
When I populate session vars from a MYSQL query, they are still there
when I change pages.  If I populate them from an MSSQL query, they drop.

It doesn't matter if I get to the next page using a header redirect or a
form submit.  I have two session vars I'm loading from a MYSQL query and
they remain, the two loaded from MSSQL disappear.  
I have confirmed that all four session vars are loading ok initially and
I can echo them out to the page, but when the application moves to the
next page via redirect or form submit, the two vars loaded from MSSQL
are empty.  
Any ideas?
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There should be no difference. Can we see some examples of the MySQL and
the MSSQL code to see what you're doing differently?



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