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> Subject: [PHP] Session Vars loaded from MSSQL Query drop, those loaded
> from MYSQL Query stick
> Hi there – I’m new to this news group.  Any help with this is appreciated –
> When I populate session vars from a MYSQL query, they are still there when
> I change pages.  If I populate them from an MSSQL query, they drop.
> It doesn't matter if I get to the next page using a header redirect or a form
> submit.  I have two session vars I'm loading from a MYSQL query and they
> remain, the two loaded from MSSQL disappear.

What SQL Server version?  What PHP extension are you using? MSSQL? sqlsrv?


> I have confirmed that all four session vars are loading ok initially and I can
> echo them out to the page, but when the application moves to the next
> page via redirect or form submit, the two vars loaded from MSSQL are
> empty.
> Any ideas?
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