We are actually running the query through a function that removes single
ticks, etc to avoid this, but I didn't think that was relevant to the
question so I didn't include it.  Thanks, though!

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On 16 September 2010 16:26, Cheryl Sullivan <csull...@shh.org> wrote:
> Absolutely -
> This is from the first page
> <?php
> $_SESSION['UserLastName'] = strtolower(trim($_POST['txtLastName']));
> $_SESSION['BadgeID'] = trim($_POST['txtBadgeID']);
> //access MS SQL Server database
> $q1 = "select * from emps where emp_last =
> '".$_SESSION['UserLastName']."' and emp_badge =
> '".$_SESSION['BadgeID']."'";
> $rs_emp_info =
> $_SESSION['SSN'] = $rs_emp_info->fields("emp_ssn");
> $_SESSION['CostCenter'] = $rs_emp_info->fields("emp_costcenter");

You're sticking values from $_POST into an SQL query without
sanitizing them first. That spells out SQL INJECTION VULNERABILITY.


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