Hi Andrew - I didn't mean to ignore your reply...

Here is your earlier post - 

" The fact that you can echo the $_SESSION information on the same page and 
they contain the correct values suggest to me that the issue of MySQL/MSSQL is 
a red herring. I would look into things like the value for register_globals to 
make sure you don't have a global variable stepping on some of your session 

Register_globals is off in our php.ini file.   

Again, I am fairly new to PHP. I guess I don't understand how a global variable 
can "step on" a session variable if the only thing I'm assigning anywhere in my 
application to said session variable is a value from a database query.  When 
PHP changes pages, it might be arbitrarily assigning some value to a session 
variable, even though I'm not telling it to?  

Can you please explain this to me?  Thanks -    

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On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 10:26 AM, Cheryl Sullivan <csull...@shh.org> wrote:
> When I echo all five $_SESSION vars from here, they are all populated.
> Then I can either redirect or form post to the next page.  In either
> case, the $_SESSION vars populated from SQL Server ( the SSN and Cost
> Center vars) are blank when I echo them on the destination page.

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 2:12 PM, Cheryl Sullivan <csull...@shh.org> wrote:
> Tommy  - I ran phpinfo() but I don't see anything in it referencing
> MSSQL or SQLSRV.  I have included all the references to "sql" I see
> below, but the only references I see to databases are to mySQL and
> SQLLite.  Unfortunately I don't have any control over how service-packed
> the database server is.  Is there something in SP 4 for SQL Server 2000
> that is supposed to fix the issue I'm having, I may be able to plead my
> case for getting the latest SP.  Is this the case, do you know?

Again, I ask - based on what you said earlier - are you sure this is
even a database issue? You said that when you echo the values in your
$_SESSION array AFTER reading them from the database they are there,
and you only lose them on the next request after either a redirect or
a manual form POST. If the values are getting into $_SESSION correctly
within this page, your issue is not related to the database at all.

Am I misunderstanding you?


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