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 He wants not techie users to create new systems for their clients when
 they sign up. It involves creating a DB and he's wondering about
 security for that. The main part of the app needs the least priv's to
 run (select, update, insert [,delete]) while the creating the DB
 obviously takes more. The OP was asking how to best handle that since
 the he didn't want to give the main app DB user account more privs
 than needed.

 Okay, what does creating "new systems for their clients" mean?

 What I want to know is specifically what these non-techie users intend to

 Please don't answer that they want to set up accounts for their clients
 because that is meaningless to me. That could mean anything.

 > So, what specifically are these non-techie users going to do?

Create a DB schema, create and populate tables.

Creating a DB schema is not for non-techies -- you really need to know what you are doing to do this.

But we all live with what we create.




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