At 9:35 PM +0100 9/22/10, Tom Barrett wrote:

I am familiar with PMA. I would for the purpose of this project consider it
too technical for the target user base. The point is to create a GUI layer
that would manage these things.

For example, the 'add client' screen would ask for four things; name,
description, username and password. Then behind the scenes a database would
be created, the user created, permissions granted and a pre-configure set of
tables built (and populated).

My reservations come from security issues (which, as an aside, are also
discussed about PMA), allowing a normal user account CREATE and GRANT on the

Maybe I'm being too fuddy-duddy cautious.


No, but from what you've said, I don't think the end user must have privileges and the ability to create a database and tables. It sounds more like allowing the user to set up his own admin for acceptable users -- there's a big difference.

So, what you need to define is what the client and his users want to do. From that, we can determine what they need.




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