Hi Shreyas,

Ok, as far as I can tell the script should show "This is an HTML line" reflecting that I am seeing the HTML part of the script followed by "This is a PHP line" to show that PHP is installed and working fine.

If I view the script directly in IE by going to http://localhost/phptest.php I get the output:

This is an HTML line

This is a PHP line

followed by a large and detailed list of the PHP install which includes things like compiler language etc.

If I paste the script into a web page then all that is displayed is

This is an HTML line.

Nothing else whatsoever.

I am fairly confused. I've tried a couple of different web page creators (Webplus 10 and Web page maker) and get the same result.

Sorry if I sound extremely naive but it's bugging me now and I want to understand.


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Can you let us know what exactly you see when you say


On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 4:20 PM, Col Day <colind...@aol.com> wrote:

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 Hi all,

After my escapades with the real basics and realizing my laptop wasn't
logged on as Administrator, I now am trying to work out why this script
works sometimes but not others.

  <title>PHP Test</title>
  <p>This is an HTML line
     echo "<p>This is a PHP line</p>";

If I save this as phptest.php and open IE pointing it to
localhost/phptest.php it works fine. Get both lines of text followed by the
pages of gumpf about php.

However if I paste this into a

That was weird!

I was saying, If I paste this into a webpage I only get the "HTML" line as

Anyone have any ideas?

PHP is obviously working as is apache. Just don't understand why they don't
show up in web pages.

Cheers again all!

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Shreyas Agasthya

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