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> Hi Shreyas,
> Ok, as far as I can tell the script should show "This is an HTML
> line"
> reflecting that I am seeing the HTML part of the script followed by
> "This is
> a PHP line" to show that PHP is installed and working fine.
> If I view the script directly in IE by going to
> http://localhost/phptest.php
> I get the output:
> This is an HTML line
> This is a PHP line
> followed by a large and detailed list of the PHP install which
> includes
> things like compiler language etc.
> If I paste the script into a web page then all that is displayed is

What on earth does this mean? http://localhost/phptest.php *is* a web page -- 
especially as you have structured it as PHP within HTML -- so why would you 
want to paste the code anywhere else?

I think your concepts are a little skew-whiff, and you need to explain what it 
is you think you're trying to do in more detail so that we can spot where it is 
that your understanding is wrong.


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