This is WITH xammp!!

"Gary" <> wrote in message news:i8f26m$
Col Day wrote:
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   <title>PHP Test</title>
   <p>This is an HTML line
     </p> <!-- close your tag, you evil man! :-) -->
      echo "<p>This is a PHP line</p>";

If I paste this into a webpage I only get the "HTML" line as before.

What do you mean, "webpage"? foo.php, for example, or foo.html? If the
latter then I am guessing your Apache will serve the page purely as
html, and it will never be processed by php. If the former then check
that Apache is configured to run php files through php before serving
them (must admit, I'm not sure how to do that, it depends on your Apache
and PHP). Or, really, just install xampp, it's by far the easiest way
and will avoid all the problems associated with configuring two rather
complex pieces of software.

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