On 11 October 2010 21:20, Alexis <phplis...@antonakis.co.uk> wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response...checked and no duplicates Richard
> On 11/10/10 14:14, Richard Quadling wrote:
>> On 11 October 2010 21:10, Alexis<phplis...@antonakis.co.uk>  wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> A very vague question here I am afraid....I have quite a number of php
>>> scripts running on a WinXp box using the built in Scheduler.
>>> Everything worked fine for years until one day an update was
>>> done...cannot
>>> remember if it was on PHP, Apache, Mysql or the firefox browser, but now
>>> most but not all, of the scripts run twice!
>>> I was going to say any help would be appreciated, but due to the nature
>>> of
>>> my vagueness as to what was updated, that question becomes a little
>>> moot.Or
>>> does it?
>>> Is there any way of finding out what exactly is triggering the scripts to
>>> run, specifically the second trigger.
>>> I am not even sure if the script finishes running and then restarts, or
>>> whether two instances of it are started at the same time.
>>> Cheers
>>> Alexis
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>> Take a look in C:\windows\tasks.
>> Do you have a load of "Copy of " versions?
>> If you see multiple versions, just delete them.
>> You may need to do this via a command prompt to see the copies.

OK. When they run, are they running at the same time? If you check the
scheduled task log file ... C:\WINDOWS\SchedLgu.TXT

Take a look through the task setup. See if it has been set to run
twice. On the Schedule tab, there is an option at the bottom - "Show
multiple schedules".

If this option is set, then the top of the page has a drop down/list
showing the scheduled versions. Are there more than 1? Is the checkbox

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