On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 07:52:46PM +0100, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>    On Tue, 2010-10-12 at 20:45 +0200, Alexander Schrijver wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 05:29:39PM +0100, [1]...@ashleysheridan.co.uk wrote:
> > That's probably it then! Some browsers make multiple requests to speed up 
> > rend
> ering of a page.
> Do you have any examples of browsers which do this? Because that kind of
> behaviour would be wrong.
>    I just know that a couple of years ago, I was working on a website that
>    removed credits from a clients account upon a page visit. When the page
>    was accessed via a link, two credits were always taken. We did all
>    sorts of tests, from writing to the DB in a single call from that page,
>    and every time, it was coming up with two hits. This was happening on
>    all the main browsers: Fx, IE, Opera & Safari.
>    It's not the wrong behaviour, this is allowed behaviour when using the
>    GET protocol, which most general page requests are I believe.

Reading the HTTP RFC this is allowed for a GET request with a range specified.
I'm not sure how PHP deals with this.

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