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There's nothing wrong with using <em> as it indicates emphasised text, which is semantic. Use span tags with classes only when the content you're styling has no semantic alternative. <strong>important message</strong> is much better for machines (including search engines, screen readers, etc) to infer a meaning for than <span class="bold_text">important message</span> Thanks, Ash ----- Reply message ----- From: "tedd" <> Date: Mon, Oct 18, 2010 17:51 Subject: [PHP] Formatting an ECHO statement. To: <> At 9:47 AM -0400 10/18/10, Steve Staples wrote: >or create a style sheet, with a class definition for italic. > >Steve. +1 The "best practices" way to do it. Don't style output in an echo statement, but rather put styling in a css sheet, It's much cleaner there. Cheers, tedd -- ------- -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

Jesus H. Christ.

I'm on this list because I want to learn PHP, not how to parse
HTML mail or how to add italics to dolt<stupid text>/dolt.

You add styles to text as a presentation effect. This list is
not supposed to be about the effing presentation.

Must I say it again, more rudely even? I know you guys like
to go on and on, but give it a rest on this one. Get your
asses back on topic - and on topical jokes. This topic is

Move on already.

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