At 15:12 18 10 10, Shreyas Agasthya wrote:
Thanks all for their input. Some of the learnings  from the thread :

1. <i> tag is getting deprecated.

Not in HTML5.

2. Use <em> and <strong>

Both? Read that shit again, buckwheat. And by "that shit" I
do mean the standards, not what Joe Bloe told you.

3. Have CSS used to do the kind of stuff I was trying.

Uhm, yeah. @@

 I must inform, this was already in place.

Then why the fuck are we discussing this?

4. Keep an eye on the SE monster.

and on the "go fuck yourself" monster too.

Holy fuck, I've been lurking for months. I turn away for
one day and this is the non-PHP crap that happens?

Someone needs to hire me now, to keep me busy and stop me
from taking this issue apart one piece at a time. Kee-rist.

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